Alfs are the race of fairies that do not necessarily exist within the world until a fairy race has made it to the top of The World Tree. Once this is done, that race will be given the title of becoming Alfs, and possessing the ability of infinite flight.

The RaceEdit

The race of Alfs extends to a noble title of higher being than other fairy races. Only one race may be allowed to become Alfs. As a result of this statement, the nine races are thrown into a frenzy of war against the other to attain the honor of becoming Alfs.


The Alfs appear as regular fairies, but with white clothing, and large white wings. The appearance of the Alf is directly related to the players' appearance.


The Alfs have become a significant part of the world as they are the players' potential to reach for the best. The use of magic in the game has allowed for new types of combat between the races and the ultimate triumph shall receive their reward. The World Tree stands as the tallest structure in ALfheim, and serves as the home to Oberon, the Fairy King. The palace is located at the very top of the tree and can only be accessed by defeating the boss hidden within its roots. Once reached, Oberon will award the players with the Alf Wings, granting unlimited flight ability.

Oberon, the Fairy King is the ruler of ALfheim and awards the players who manage to reach his palace with the honor of becoming Alfs. Currently, the only Alfs that exist are NPC's and can be seen flying around the world and near The World Tree itself.

Alf Wings Alf pair of wings