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Basic Info
Full Name Kana Shimuzu/Amaterasu Shimuzu
Player Type Tamer, Merchant, Guild Leader, Entertainer
Birth Date June 12, 2009
Age 14
Gender Female
Status Alive
Hometown Higashi, Okinawa
Family Unamed Father


Kana is a childhood friend of Katsuo Viperia who she grew up with for most of their lives. Kana has been trying to help Katsuo open up to others because of his shy and timid personality. Her personality is rather optimistic despite the fact her mother passed away shortly after she was born. Kana became an avid MMORPG player when she turned 9 and has become a self-proclaimed MMO veteran. When Katsuo's parents died, Kana felt bad that her childhood friend's going through this and offered to let Katsuo live with her family, since the 2 families have been friends for many years, but Katsuo had to decline because of his family's request to live with his uncle: Hideaki Viperia in Kumamoto.

When Katsuo left Higashi, Kana was relatively heartbroken and tried continuing life as usual, but committing more time into the MMOs she plays to try getting over what happened. Kana visited Katsuo's new residence every Sunday to try cheering him up to no avail. During one of the trips to his house, she overhears Hideaki talking about a brand new VRMMORPG that would be entering the beta test called Sword Art Online. She rushes home, very eager to get into the beta test for a brand new MMORPG. She applies to the beta test, but sadly doesn't make it in the list of 1000 beta testers, which she gets bummed about for a few days. When she returns to Katsuo's house the next week, she finds that Katsuo made it into beta testing which earned her envy and a degree of anger since she knows that Katsuo has never played an MMORPG before this one. She then believes that Katsuo would have a little difficulty making friends in this new game, so she makes it a goal to buy the game when it officially comes out, since Hideaki told her that he's going to pre-order it for Katsuo once the beta testing ends.

Once the beta test ended and the release date is set, Kana waits until the day before that the game comes out and then goes to a store that would be stocking the game and waits a whole day outside it. Kana had to fight with 3 people to get a copy of Sword Art Online. She rushes away to try prevent anyone from stealing it and hurries home to start up the game with a brand new NerveGear she bought a week beforehand.

When Kana started up the 'legendary' Sword Art Online, she created a character named Amaterasu, and focused her stats around intelligence, dexterity and non-combat aptitudes, but put sufficient focus into combat, as a precaution. Kana tried finding Katsuo but is finding it very difficult because of how people hide their true appearance. She then decided to try exploring this world of Aincrad after buying a rapier. But she was getting hit on left and right before she could even leave the City of Beginnings because of her avatar's 'beautiful' appearance. She was quickly getting annoyed this, and finally punched back 3 guys to give her a little breathing room for herself before she ran out of the city. She explores some of the nearby plains to hunt monsters to get 'Col' and levels. She does this for around 3 hours, and considers this place to be absolute paradise until things went from good to awful.

The creator of Sword Art Online: Akihiko Kayaba announced that they all were trapped and were unable to escape without clearing all 100 floors. Kana nearly broke down from shock, but was telling herself to be strong to prevent herself from dying in Aincrad and in reality. When she spawned the mirror item, she was enveloped in bright light, and when she looked at herself, she found it was the same as how she looks in reality, however, there's very little change, since she pretty much did that already, as a change.

After the the announcement ends, she thinks to herself at that point "This is wonderful, I can find Katsuo now... I know he's in this crowd somewhere, and I know beta testers, since I was one many times. They would quickly depart to work on developing their levels. So if I want to find Katsuo, I'll need to leave the City of Beginnings"


Amaterasu is very optimistic and caring for those she considers to be her friends. She also has a great deal of fire when she does her job as a weapon/armor smith, she often makes works of art that are unparalleled in terms of strength, durability, and beauty.

Amaterasu spends her free time playing instruments because she is a big fan of music and it allows her to use this gift to raise the morale for the people that listen, as she often plays songs that were very popular in Japan, she does this to create feelings of nostalgia to encourage the players to do their best to clear the game so they can listen to the music for real.

Character Song:Edit

The song that many people request for Amaterasu to play is World's End that symbolizes the players trapped within Aincrad. It is one of Amaterasu's most requested songs as a music player to keep their morale alive.

  • One Handed Rapier
  • Cooking
  • Leatherworking
  • Bartering
  • Familiar Communication
Rapier (Adv)
Weapon One Handed Rapier
Level 1
HP 330
Skill Slots 5
Strength 19
Constitution 16
Dexterity 20
Intelligence 25
Charisma 23
Willpower 16
Perception 8