This character belongs to the True-Clown-Prince

Basic Info
Full Name Haru Asakura
Player Type Clearer, Guildmaster
Birth Date July 25, 2008
Age 14
Gender Male
Status Alive
Hometown Tokyo

Mother(Unamed), Hibari Asakura(Older Brother)

Haru Asakura was born on July 25, 2008 in Tokyo Japan. He was considered a social outcast at school and doesn't have many friends. He is constantly bullied and and beat up by upper classmen at his school. On top of his problem he has a very rocky relationship with his older brother Hibari Asakura, Who is the exact opposite of him. Haru often feels like he is suffocating under Hibari's shadow and just wants to be seen as his own person.
Haru became very envious when he found out that Hibari was chosen as a Beta Tester for SAO. One month after the Beta Testing Haru was one of the lucky 10,000 players to log on during the official launch. He chose to specialize in the One Handed Straight Swords.
When Kayaba Akihiko, creator of SAO, appears as the God of Aincrad he tells the players the game is a death trap, monster can kill players which would result in the actual death of the players. Suicide will also result in the death of players, as well attempting to forcefully remove the helt would destroy the brain of the player.
In the aftermath of this announcement Haru vowed to become the hero of SAO and protect as many people as he can. But his natural clumsyiness makes people take him as more of a joke then a hero.


Arc is a very kind and creative individual. He is couragous and freindly and has a strong sense of justice. His hope is to become a hero and save everyone from SAO.
He often tries to look cool and just seems like a loser to other players, however when the time comes for action Arc is always ready to put his live on the line to protect others.
  • One-Handed Straight Sword
  • Battle Healing
  • Acrobatics
  • Leather Equipment
  • Delay

Weapon One-Handed Straight Sword
Level 1
HP 750
Skill Slots 5
Strength 16
Constitution 14
Dexterity 22
Intelligence 15
Charisma 12
Willpower 7
Perception 10