Arminius Scorchwalker is the Field Boss that guards the labyrinth to Illfang the Kobold Lord on Floor 1.

Arminius Scorchwalker

Arminius Scorchwalker

Appearance Edit

Arminius' appearance is misleading from the name given by "Arminius" for obvious reasons. The name is to confuse players and give the impression of a "human" boss. However, it is the complete opposite. Arminius is a massive worm boss with several flailing tentacle appendages circling the glowing mouth. Sharp spikes run up the length of its back, and it is coated in a sleek, shiny covering.

Attacks Edit

Arminius possess several basic attacks that are standard for players battling it. Its attacks include:

  • Magma Slash
  • Inferno Breath

These attacks, along with a few others, create a strong enemy for the players of Floor 1 to defeat. The only way for the players to reach Illfang is to get through Arminius.

Arminius Scorchwalker
Arminius Scorchwalker
Magma Tunneler
Vital statistics
Title Volcano Worm
Gender Unknown
Race Worm
Faction Mini-Boss
Health 300HP
Level Easy
Status Slain
Location Floor 1

Attack Patterns Edit

The Scorchwalker's pattern of attack is brutal and ruthless. It is persistent and will stop at nothing to kill its intended target. It does not differentiate between players based upon strength or level. When in danger, it will retreat into the ground and attempt to kill players from underneath.

Special Item Edit

The rare drop item given by killing the Arminius Scorchwalker is the Aegis Armor Set. The Aegis Armor is awarded to the player that delivers the final strike on the boss; given no other player simultaneously struck the boss. The Aegis Armor Set gives the user increased strength and resiliency, at the cost of their agility and speed. It only decreases the speed slightly, giving players most of their speed to work with when facing monsters.

Aegis Armor-0

Aegis Armor (Complete)

The Aegis Armor is a special armor that slims well to any player. However, most of its strength is weak because of its location on the lowest floor. It is strong, but only to a certain extent. After that, the armor becomes completely useless against stronger attacks and enemies.

Summary Edit

The Arminius Scorchwalker is a devastatingly deadly first boss which appears even before facing the real first floor boss. The reasoning behind these bosses is to test only the strongest even before entering the labyrinth to progress to the Floor Boss itself. Its style of attack is underground based, creating an unexpected change in the pace that the battle is fought. Because it lives underground, it can retreat into the ground for long periods of time; popping up out of nowhere and creating chaos in its wake.