Character Attributes

Please note that these attributes directly influence your character's behavior along with in-game stats.  This means: if you have a purely fighting character with maxed combat stats they mostly will be very dumb.  

The Attributes consist of:

Charisma - Influences how a player communicates with others. If your character has low charisma, you are expected to roleplay this out by being rude, obnoxious, and even hostile in some cases. If it is high it is expected to have your character show natural leadership capabilities and good teamwork strategies. If it is mediocre, then you are expected to flip flop between the two but generally be a follower. This is a character behavior influence trait and should be shown through roleplay.

Constitution - Increases health and resistance to poison. This skill strictly influences your health in the game, nothing more.

Dexterity - Increases reflexes and attack speed.  (Known as Agility in game) This skill strictly influences your nimbleness in everything. If it is low roleplay not being very reflexive, if it is high you're agile. Your character should roleplay this accordingly. (Influences random events)

Intelligence - Influences how well a player can solve unexpected problems. If it is high you are expected to be well educated and act like it too. Have a sense of "superiority" depending on how low your charisma is or have a sense of teaching others. Influences general knowledge and learning capabilities. (Influences random events)

Perception - Influences how a player sees the world.  Low perception means you are slower to see incoming attacks, and less likely to be able to move out of the way. After all, you can't dodge an attack if you don't see it coming. You are also less likely to notice something harder to find/blending in with the surroundings (Influences random events)

Strength - Increases physical damage dealt.  Needed to equip certain items. Strictly deals with how strong your character is when grabbing or lifting something. Nothing else is gained. (Influences random events)

Willpower - Influences how strong a players mental resolve is. You'll find out if you bother raising this when the time comes.

Placing Attributes

When you create your character you are given 120 Attribute points for you to place where you like. When creating the character the attributes start like this:

Attribute Level
Strength 1
Constitution 1
Dexterity 1
Intelligence 1
Charisma 1
Willpower 1
Perception 1

And ending like this:

Attribute Level
Strength 18
Constitution 18
Dexterity 19
Intelligence 18
Charisma 18
Willpower 18
Perception 18

Note: When you add these up the total is 127.  The extra 7 is from the base attribute points of “1” in every attribute when starting.

These Statistics are based on numbers 1-25, 1 being the worst and 25 being the best.