Bosses are powerful monsters that serve as a challenge in completing objectives (such as the progression to the next floor or the completion of an event or quest) in the game.

List of Known BossesEdit

Floor BossesEdit

Floor Bosses are found in the boss room located in a labyrinth guarded by monsters within and usually a field boss at the entrance. Floor bosses being powerful, require a raiding party in order to defeat it. Floor bosses may only be defeated once.

Floor 1: Illfang the Kobold Lord

Floor 2: Baran the General Taurus

Floor 3: The Exalted Hero

Floor 4: The Guillotine

Floor 5: Crazel the Oppressed

Floor 6: Crazel the Oblivious

Floor 7: Crazel the Mutilated

Floor 8: Crazel the Lost

Floor 9: Crazel the Mourned

Floor 10: Zephyrus and Sephylor

Floor 11: Veras the Nexus Queen

Floor 12: Guild Lord: Artrax

Floor 13: Undead Nightstalker

Floor 14: Typhoon Bear

Floor 15: The Fogged Locust

Floor 16: Avail the Utopian Juggernaut

Floor 17: Daven the Steel Fortress

Floor 18: The Bastille Gatekeeper

Floor 19: Iron Maiden (Edit)

Floor 20: Ascended Drudge Type-0

Floor 21: Corrupted Component

Floor 22: The Gollek King

Floor 23: Cross of Harmony

Floor 24: Olec the Vengeful

Floor 25: The Cavalier Reaper (Edit)

Floor 26: The Scorched Guardian

Floor 27: Mukluk Prime

Floor 28: Triton Dweller

Floor 29: Slithering Pryer

Floor 30: Hyrum Lasher

Floor 31: Tsunami

Floor 32: Inferno

Floor 33: Quake

Floor 34: Tornado

Floor 35: The Night Swallower

Floor 36:Gerox the Fanged Titan

Floor 37: The Colossi Guardian

Floor 38: The Soul Fester

Floor 39: Broiled Scavenger

Floor 40: Blaze the Sun Warrior

Floor 41: Dormant Seether

Floor 42: The Arglade Phantom

Floor 43: Dawn of the Lost Guard

Floor 44: Molten Light Harvester

Floor 45: Centurion Star Behemoth

Floor 46: The Alter of Transcendence

Floor 47: The Soul Drifter

Floor 48: DX-R5

Floor 49: The Void Forger

Floor 50: Izra the Divine

Floor 51: ArzI the Damned

Floor 52: Yvel of Somber Light

Floor 53: Ardius the Winged Servitor

Floor 54: The Meteor Summoner

Floor 55: Atomus the Thunder Giant

Floor 56: Geocrawler (Edit)

Floor 57: Horned Alderman

Floor 58: Stitched Coder Soldier

Floor 59: Morphius the Skeletal Mace

Floor 60: Cillikcross the Brain Weed (Edit)

Floor 61: Herrick Slasher

Floor 62: Undead Graverobber

Floor 63: Caller of Vice

Floor 64: The Shadow Golem

Floor 65: Atorus of Stenholm

Floor 66: The Dust Watchman

Floor 67: Drake of Infinite Void

Floor 68: The Flare Solace

Floor 69: Lyman the Immune

Floor 70: Dryden of Dimensions

Floor 71: The Catalyst

Floor 72: Turval the Hedge Guardian

Floor 73: Alto of Riddick

Floor 74: The Gleam Eyes (Edit)

Floor 75: The Skull Reaper (Edit)

Floor 76: Naga (Edit)

Floor 77: Pack of the Slaughtered

Floor 78: Cathedral Hellwalker

Floor 79: Whelm Writher

Floor 80: Apex the Yearned Prophet

Floor 81: Ritual of Calamity

Floor 82: Ritual of Severity

Floor 83: Ritual of Prosperity

Floor 84: Ritual of Divinity

Floor 85: Ritual of Sanity

Floor 86: Vigorous Sunbreaker

Floor 87: Ballistic Titan

Floor 88: Treodur of Suffered Light

Floor 89: Raphael the Guardian Ascendant

Floor 90: Lygrus the Invincible (Guardian of Icus)

Floor 91: Romulus the Untamed (Guardian of Glacier)

Floor 92: Dezrius the Unbroken (Guardian of Oblivion)

Floor 93: Brutus the Chaotic

Floor 94: Ilicus the Destroyer

Floor 95: Argus the Exterminator (Edit)

Floor 96: Tagarus the Servitor (Edit)

Floor 97: Satogus the Impure (Edit)

Floor 98: Oculous the Engraved (Edit)

Floor 99: Zulus the Colossus (Guardian of Talos)

Floor 100: Healthcliff

Field BossesEdit

Field Bosses are monsters placed at the entrance of a labyrinth; they prevent access to the labyrinth until it is defeated. Compared to Floor Bosses they are much easier to defeat and just like floor bosses, field bosses can only be defeated once.

Floor 1: Arminius Scorchwalker (Edit)

Floor 2: Bulbous Bow (Edit)

Floor 3: Sir Lance Victor (Edit)

Floor 4: Barren of Cinder

Floor 5:

Floor 6:

Floor 7:

Floor 8:

Floor 9:

Floor 10:

Floor 56: Geocrawler (Also The Floor Boss) (Edit)

Flag MobsEdit

Flag Mobs are monsters whose defeat are required for the completion of a quest or event. Flab mobs usually re-spawn in intervals of time (in hours, days, or annually). Some flag mobs are just as powerful as regular bosses while some are a just more difficult than regular monsters.

Fishing Event (Floor 22): Lungfish (Edit)

{January} New Year's Day Event: Reborn Sinner

{February} Valentine's Day Event: Lovestruck Cupid

{April} April Fools Event: Jackal Trickster (Edit)

{October} Halloween Event: Jack Rider (Edit)

{November} Thanksgiving Event: Mangled Turkey

{December} Christmas Event: Nicholas The Renegade (Edit)

Dungeon BossesEdit

Dungeon Bosses are powerful monsters that reside in dungeons to prevent players from completing the dungeon or an objective in the dungeon.

Hidden Dungeon (Floor 1): The Fatal Scythe (Create page)