Cait Sith

The first race of the nine fairy races are the Cait Sith. The Cait Sith are a race of fairies that are deeply trained in the style of training to fight with the creatures of the area around them. Their troops are usually seen riding or fighting alongside creatures that they've domesticated.


The Cait Sith race is well known for their ability to tame and control monsters. By these means, being a Cait Sith allows players to better utilize the game's creatures for their use. The race is capable of performing in great speeds due to them being very lightweight in their stature and how they perform. On good terms, they work with the Sylphs and have provided them with tames animals to their capital.

Their notable features include cat ears and tails, which are strangely sensitive to being handled in a rough manner. The Cait Sith are capable of using agility and quick thinking to better any possible bad situation.

Culture and CustomsEdit

The Cait Sith are known for their traditional styles of customs and unique culture. Ceremonies can sometimes be held to welcome new members into the race, or as a means to establish friendships. The culture naturally depends on how the people choose to celebrate. Their customs, on the other hand, are well-established through the rankings of both the fighting and working force. With any natural custom, addressing a higher ranking commander is appropriate, as well as addressing fellow warriors/workers by their name.


Taking part in the Cait Sith race is simple to begin with, but it also requires one to know all about the race itself. The following are part of the Cait Sith:


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The territory occupied by the Cait Sith is known as Butterfly Valley. Butterfly Valley is one of three large pathways to get to The World Tree, and as such, it allows for other races a way to get there faster. This could pose several problems for the Cait Sith as it is considered an easier route than going through the vast cave systems that snake their way into the mountains. The capital: Freelia is bordered by Pooka territory to the North, and Sylph territory to the South.