Kirito using Dual Blades

Dual Blades
(二刀流 Nitōryū, lit. Two Sword Style) is a «Unique Skill» in Sword Art Online. The player with the fastest reaction time gains this skill. It was awarded to Kirito for being judged to have the fastest reaction speed in the game, and is meant to be given to the person who will stand against the final boss. In addition, it also has its own set of Sword Skills unique to it. Kirito wields Dark Repulser and Elucidator for this strongest sword set.


Kirito estimates there are slightly more than 20 techniques to the Dual Blades skill. In the series, Kirito has been seen using the following:

  • Double Circular: 2-hit combo
  • Starburst Stream: 16-hit combo
  • The Eclipse: 27-hit combo


Kirito using dual blades while fighting Gleam Eyes

Timing ConditionsEdit

  • Duel Blades Stats

    The Dual Blades Stat

    Attack Speed Bonus: 1.80x
  • Weapon Defense Bonus: 1.50x
  • Cooldown Time Bonus: 1.20x