Characters Real Life Name: Ryuunosuke Kageyama

Ryuunosuke real life

Characters In-Game Name:Eugene

Age: 17 years old.

Birthday: June 3rd

Gender: Male

Future Occupation

  • Beater - A player is considered a "Beater" if they were a beta tester.
  • Clearer - An experienced fighter that is consistently on the front lines clearing bosses.
  • Crafter - A player that gathers and then creates items. (More specifically, a Blacksmith.)
  • Solo Player - A player that is generally never in parties unless necessary and isn't apart of a guild.
Strength: 23
Constitution: 21
Dexterity: 23
Intelligence: 23
Charisma: 5
Willpower: 15
Perception: 17

Ryuunosuke/Eugene's backstory:

Ryuunosuke Kageyama was born with Asperger syndrome. However, asperger syndrome is not easy to determine so he went to school like a normal kid. Unfortuately, due to his inability to communicate with his peers, he was often bullied. Things back home weren't helping either. His strict father forced him to practice martial arts and study for hours at a time. This led to Ryuunosuke having great strength causing people to be scared of him and thought of him as a delinquent. looking angry didn't help. After years of this triple threat of Asperger, isolation, and his father, he found the registration table for the SAO Beta test thinking that people wouldn't be able to recognize him as his avatar and be able to make friends more easily without the rumors.


He may look angry and sometime act angry, but he's actually a very kind person. He won't ever abandon a person especially his friends. He deeply cares for all of those that are close to him.

In fact, in Sword Art Online, he becomes the person who's like everyone's friend and tends to try not to use intimidation or underhanded schemes to reach his goal.