Floor 1 plains

The first floor of Aincrad is filled with grand plains, scattered villages, and towns throughout the floor. Throughout the floor, forests seem plentiful with wildlife and animals. To the northeast and southwest corners, beautiful mountains layer the floor and rumors about hidden treasures laying within. The Fishing Town of Eastbay is rumored to be under siege by an large horde of undead. Marshes and withered forests have been reported to the northern areas.


Sword Art Online Floor 1

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To the right, is a new map I created. What do you think? 

New software and such and is my first map completed.

Monster SpawnsEdit

Floor 1 Monsters

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These numbers are not to be used for scaling monster levels.  They are merely references for players.

  • Area 1
  • Area 2
  • Area 3
  • Area 4
  • Area 5
  • Area 6
  • Area 7
  • Special

First Floor QuestsEdit

To see the quests that are available please see: First Floor Quests