Floor 50 is known as the middle point in Castle Incrad. The critical point that will weed out any player that may have been "piggybacking" their way to the top on stronger players.

Floor 50

Small cliff region

Appearance Edit

Floor 50 is a beautiful sight to behold and look over with every fiber of one's being. It holds a vast set of locations to explore, and offers many news paths for one to choose. The entire region houses many environments, each suitable to ones own likings. Monsters populate every corner of the floor. No matter where one goes, they will always be surrounded by nature of some sorts.

Locations (Towns) Edit

  • Whitevale
  • Sternwald
  • Bogon
  • Strindberg
  • Moxurn
  • Yullander
  • Uxillie
  • Zofus
  • Harventork

Locations (Cities) Edit

  • Pechora
  • Ayester
  • Stroln
  • (Adding five more cities)

Locations (Miscellaneous) Edit

Cliffs/Canyons Edit

  • Gneaks Fjord
  • The Arctic Bluff
  • Marks Canyon
  • (Adding four more locations)

Deserts/Wastelands Edit

  • Northern Tundra
  • The Desolated Wilds
  • (Adding two more locations)

Forest/Wilds Edit

  • Faint Forest
  • Fleecer Woods
  • Struroks Wood
  • (Adding three more locations)

Grasslands/Plains Edit

  • Guzelf Range
  • (Adding four more locations)

Lakes/Ponds Edit

  • Ryht Lake
  • Lyell Domain
  • Tlux Cove
  • (Adding two more locations)

Mountains/Ranges Edit

  • The Scarlet Heights
  • Trug Bluff
  • Byfems Peaks
  • (Adding one more location)

Oceans/Seas Edit

  • Stuhz Abyss
  • Cloysh Sea
  • Tepix Ocean

Swamps/Marshes Edit

  • Evelin Mangrove
  • The Primeval Glades

Monsters Edit

  • (Adding ten monster types)

Region/Floor Map (Draft Representation) Edit

Floor Map (50)-0

Floor 50

Quests Edit

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