This character belongs to the Leengard Ustan

Alsandar McKenzie
Basic Info
Full Name Alsandar McKenzie
Player Type Hidden GM
Birth Date January 1, 1993
Age 29
Gender Male
Status Alive
Hometown Glasgow, Scotland

Born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1993. He lived there until he was 18 then moved to Japan to work for Argus. Alsandar helped to program the game and was assigned the job of Hidden GM within the game for the official release. He became entangled in the problems of Sword Art Online, while doing his job of monitoring players to make sure there were no cheaters, and decided he would help by forging weapons and armors and selling them to players to help them survive better.
Few to none know that he is a GM and those that do remain silent. He doesn't consider those labled as "Beaters" as cheaters, instead he calls them "The Lucky Ones".
He has chosen to specialize in Two-Handed Straight Swords and plans to forge newer and better weapons, armors and other items for himself and others.
  • Two-Handed Straight Sword
  • Parry
  • Delay
  • Searching
  • Tracking

Weapon Claymore
Level 1
HP 325
Skill Slots 5
Strength 17
Constitution 15
Derexity 19
Intelligence 18
Charisma 25
Willpower 13
Perception 20