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Basic Information
Hisae 2
Hisae at "City of Beginings"

Full Name

Hisae Okiyamato Gambell



Player Type


Birth Date

August 24th, 2000








"Your true self can be seen only through a mirror"

Theme Song

【東方ボーカル】 「min~眠~」 【サリー】


  Hisae Okiyamato was born on a sunny day on August 24th, 2000.  Raised in an orphanage until she was sent off to a boarding school she never really had much of a childhood.  Her peace was found in schoolwork and training her brain.  She excelled in all of her studies causing her to eventually receive many invitations to highly prestigious schools.  

Deciding to go with a mixed gender school in the heart of Tokyo she received a full scholarship including room and board along with a monthly allowance for random things.  During her time in this school she never really conversed with others unless spoken to directly.  Her grades were perfect, attendance perfect, the ideal student.  She ended up developing a keen interest for games.

This at first bewildered her until she discovered the ability to create her own games for mobile devices.  The first game she made was a simple one, move to one side of the screen to the other without letting anything touch you.  The game itself didn't pick up speed, but her talent was noted.  Upon graduating from high school at the top of her class she was sent a letter from the company named “Argus”.

Dear Hisae,

Word has reached us of your promising talents as a young game designer.  We welcome you on a paid internship under the 3rd developing branch.  The belief of achieving greatness of our upcoming next-gen game qualifies you for this special position.  Upon accepting you will be tasked with creating some of the most complex world components along with working with some of our greatest developers.  

We await a response,

Kayaba Akihiko

Excited for a paid internship, especially from Argus,  she immediately accepts.  Now working directly under Kayaba Akihiko on the project that would be later known as “Sword Art Online”.  Although her main job was to help submit ideas for areas on some of the floors she was often chosen to test the game itself before it’s initial release.  

Once the game was released she was unfortunately trapped inside the game with the other thousands of players.  After being teleported she sat inside the City pondering on how to cope with this newfound fate.

Cantalyssa Hisae

Kai's interpretation of Hisae. A job well done.


Hisae in the real world.