Naga is the main boss of Floor 76. It resembles a giant snake creature with large fangs, scaly body, and intimidating yellow eyes. Its giant, slender body enable easy locomotion around the arena.

Hydra Head

Naga Head

Naga (Stage One) Edit

The battle for Naga is divided into two stages. The first stage is one of the body's heads fighting. During the fight, players will have to fight against a head belonging to the entire body. The head is vicious on its own and is capable of thrashing around the platform in an attempt to knock players into the surrounding water. If players are knocked into the region, other heads will emerge and devour them. Its primary means of attacking is its extremely poisonous bite. The head is also able to expel a strong flamethrower attack. To increase its mobility around the boss room, the head is given a lunge attack. After the lunge, the head will retreat into the surrounding water and emerge in a new location.

Naga (Stage Two) Edit


Naga (Stage Two)

The second stage is the result of the hydra's ability to regenerate two extra heads after losing one. The only method known to prevent this is by burning the necks once the heads are cut off. This will prevent the heads from regenerating. However, this task becomes harder as more heads appear. A method to killing the heads for good is to lob off a head and lure the others to use their flamethrowers on the severed neck, sealing off the ability.

The final head would be the only real challenge as there would be no more heads to lure. Ultimately, teamwork and effective planning will slay this boss.