This character belongs to the True-Clown-Prince

Basic Info
Full Name Chiara Caputo
Player Type Tamer
Birth Date December 12, 2008
Age 14
Gender Female
Status Alive
Hometown Venice, Italy
Family Father(Unamed)

Chiara Caputo was born in Venice Italy on December 12, 2008. Her mother and father got a devorce when she was only 5, Her father gained custody of her though he saw her more as a burdern then a daughter. 2 Years after the devorce her father fell in to large debts and began to drink heavily, as a result Chiara would get mentaly and physically abused by him on a daily basis. At the age of 10 her father re-married a woman that worked over seas in japan, the two met while she was in Venice on a bussiness trip.
When she was 10 she lost her house because of her father's huge debt, and they moved to Tokyo Japan to stay with her father's new wife. Life in Japan was no better for her, because of her strange acscent and extreme shyness her classmates thought she was stuck up and wierd so she was constanly bullied and abused in school. When she would get her father would be passed out drunk on good days, on not so good days she would have to deal wih his abuse. Her new mother though kind was often never home because of work. This was Chiara's life for the next four years.
When she was 14 Chiara had all but given up completely at life. She had made several failed attemps at suicde and though the physical abuse turned more to mental from her father she had scars on her body from the former years being beaten. She also took up the strange hooby of cutting herself, one of the few things that took away the pain.
When the offical realse of Sword Art Online was luanched Chiara's father had her mother buy a copy so that he would have to deal with Chiara even less. When Chiara loged on for the first time she along with all the other players learned that the game was a death trap. Death seemed almost inavatable to Chiara who had nothing to lose to begin with.
  • One-Handed Rapier
  • Cooking
  • Sewing
  • Medicine Mixing
  • Parry

Weapon One-Handed Rapier
Level 1
HP 680
Skill Slots 5
Strength 9
Constitution 15
Dexterity 12
Intelligence 25
Charisma 13
Willpower 20
Perception 10