There are two types of player Icons;  Green and Orange.  


  • Ep03-007

    Kirito's icon and health bar

    When looking at another player in Sword Art Online, you can see there health bar, there curser, and if they're in a guild, it will show the guild icon. Name and level are hidden.
  • When looking around or at another person, there is a slight whispy noise: high pitch, then low pitch, high, then low, etc etc.


  • All players start with a green player icon above their names.
  • “Green” players are considered the law abiding, good players.


  • Only players that have committed a crime (Attacking other players,

    Health and Level display

    stealing, etc.) will have an orange player icon.
  • In most cases, a player will temporarily be turned “Orange” for a duration of 3 days.
  • On the fourth offense, you must complete a quest in order to return to “Green”.
  • On the fifth offense or the successful murder of another player,  he/she is granted a permanent “Orange” icon.
  • Certain skills and items can temporarily hide or change the player icon.