South Field takes up 10% of Direhollow Park's area. It is a beautiful field filled with thousands of blooming flowers. It is known as the "Garden of Dreams" because of the simply astonishing display of flowers that appear there everyday.

South Field

South Field's flowers blooming

Appearance Edit

The flowers that bloom create an amazing display of color and elegance. The splash of multiple colors offers possibilities to those that might try picking some to form a bouquet of any color. The flowers that bloom also come from generated images that were rendered and coded from flowers in the Real World. This technology allows players to look around at the beauty that Real World flowers have in SAO.

The rolling hills are completely covered in these thousands of flowers, allowing players to roam freely amongst them and feel secure in their sweet scents.

Additional Information Edit

South Field is the third field of the park that can be visited by players in the region. It welcomes all who wish to relax in its flower beds, or practice anything that players may want to practice. Those who do not find relaxation in simply laying in a flower field have the choice of other fields to relax in. But those who shake off South Field are surely missing out on its overwhelming beauty.