Character Policy


As this is a roleplay wiki, characters are essential and need to be set under set guidelines to create an effective and fun environment throughout the wiki.


To create a character, a new user is recommended to read the Getting Started Guide before going on to approve the first character through the Character Approval page. After the character is approved, a separate page may be made for the character.


  • Multiple characters may be made for a user, but he/she must be able to handle all of them.
  • Characters should be reasonably named. They should also not take after names of well-known media, such as Percy Jackson and Naruto Uzumaki.
  • Characters must be original and creative. Their plotline may not be based off of well known plot lines, or fellow users. It must be unique. However, a general idea, such as AIs, may be used, as the idea does not belong to Reki Kawahara.
  • Upon creation of an account, a user will have an automatic character slot, which will add up to their levels for however many weeks he/she is here. But, abuse of slots are not tolerated.
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