The Knights of the Blood Oath are a dignified and respected Guild is Sword Art Online. Only the select few are promised training in their ranks, through rigorous training and strength can players emerge commanders.


Members of the Knights of the Blood Oath

Asuna Yuki is the 2nd in command, The commander is Heathcliff also known as kiyaba for short.

Uniformity Edit

The Knights of the Blood Oath have adopted a sleek and bright appearance. Sporting robes of red and white symbolize the determination and purity that the Guild enforces throughout Castle Incrad. The members are equipped with these uniforms only after proving that they belong.

Availability Edit

The location of the Knights of the Blood Oath's Headquarters is currently on Floor 55. An impressive fortress houses the courtyard, barracks, training rooms, and dining halls. All players are welcomed into the fortress, but security is increased at all times during these visits. Those that wish to join are put through the training of the "grunts" or "rookies".


Knights of the Blood Oath HQ


Guild Crest

Front Lines Edit

The Front Lines is where the majority of the members of the Knights of the Blood Oath are. Many travel great distances to the other regions and to other floors of the game. Their tasks on the Front Lines range anywhere from scouting to slaying the Floor Boss.

Their leisure time away from the Front Lines is short-lived, exceptionally short, or never comes at all. Members return from their assigned missions victorious, or decimated beyond repair. Strongholds and camps can be established wherever one can be implanted.

Chain of Command Edit

Guild Commander Edit

  • Heathcliff (Akihiko Kayaba)

Second in Command Edit

  • Asuna

Head of Finance Edit

  • Daizen

Bodyguards Edit

  • Kirito