The Arena Edit


Purpose Edit

The Direhollow training arena allows for all newcomers to strength their skills and hone their fighting abilities. Many spectators can crowd its stone benches that wrap around the sides. The entertain and battling of players are always something of great enjoyment to watch happen before one's own eyes.

Layout Edit

Players may engage in one-on-one battles strictly in this arena only. More decorative arenas will allow multiple fighting arrangements. Once two square off, the battle is unable to stop until one side wins or forfeits the match. More or less, the fighters will gain/ loss something of great value. In the situation of SAO currently, full death battles will ensure that one person falls, less a tie results and two fall instead. The entire field is dirt, with no signs of grass of green anywhere on its surface. This style of ground makes for more traction and easier turns when faced with speedy opponents.

Battling/Dueling Edit

The battles/duels range anywhere from the three different styles of battling/dueling. There are as listed:

  • Total Loss Mode: Rarely used in SAO, since it will only stop when a player's HP reaches 0, and that will mean permanent death for the loser. This is the one used for Sleep PK.
  • Half Loss Mode: The winner is decided after the other player loses half of their HP. Rarely used in SAO since a critical hit could reduce someone's HP to the danger zone.
  • First Strike Mode: This is the most common, the winner is decided by whoever lands the first clean hit or whittle the opponent's HP to half.

Most players commonly use the "First Strike Mode" because of the permanent death situation with the NerveGear technology. Those that are bold, however, may chose the other two options as a means to show their level and skill to other potential opponents.