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Tyra Solveig
Basic Info
Full Name Tyra Solveig
Player Type Clearer
Birth Date September 2, 2006
Age 16
Gender Female
Status Alive
Hometown Tokyo, Japan
Family Mother, Father

Born in Japan to Americans of Scandinavian descent. She grew up in Japan, on a Military Base, speaking English, Japanese and Norwegian. For the most part, she tells others her hometown is Tokyo, as most don't recognize or know the names or locations of American Military Bases. While she grew up surrounded by Japanese culture she was much more interested in Scandinavian mythology, hence the name of her character. While she wasn't interested in being a Beta Tester, she was one of the first in line to buy Sword Art Online for its official release. Due to her interest in Scandinavian mythology she chose to use the One-Handed War Hammer in game and saw the announcement of the Death Game as a parallel to Ragnarok, the battle at the end of the world, and was eager to prove herself.
She's had difficulties in making friends as she tends to come across as rude and brash and, again due to her interest in Scandinavian mythologies, holds value in the traits that the Vikings held value in. She appears to value Strength above all else, but she understands the value of being a well-rounded character as well (though she's started out that way, it is doubtful she'll maintain that trait). Despite the shortcoming in her personality, she still attracts the attention of others for her appearance.
  • One Handed War Hammer
  • Searching
  • Tracking
  • Emergency Healing
  • Howl
Horseman Pick
Weapon One Handed War Hammer
Level 1
HP 340
Skill Slots 5
Strength 19
Constitution 18
Derexity 18
Intelligence 18
Charisma 18
Willpower 18
Perception 18