• Display Name: Varler
  • Full Name: Ai Graves
  • Age: 18 at start of game
  • History:
Ai's father is from America but moved to Japan since he liked the culture.  He is a professor in a nearby university teaching English.  Her mother is Japanese and is also a teacher, teaching music at a nearby highschool(not the highscool Ai goes to, though).  Her family is pretty well off because of her father's nicely paying job as a professor.  
Ai herself is an intellegent girl, albeit lazy, who does well in school.  She was introduced to online games by her dad, who plays them himself when he has the time, despite her mom's insistance that they are a waste of time.  Her father had a beta account that he used during the start of the beta period, however once his work started picking up he had to stop playing and let his daughter, Ai, use his account for the last month of the beta period.  When SAO got released, she got a game, intending to let her father share her account when he had time to do so.  She had actually made a male account at the start of the game for that same reason.  When the mirror incedent happens and she switches genders, she was one of the few girls to do so.
Once she realized what was going on, and that Kayaba Akihiko was serious about the death penalty, she decided to do as her parents would do, and guide other players throughout the game safely.  She contributed to the guide book and sold information and items at a very low price for the first couple months of the game.
She is about 5'6", has dark brown eyes, a slightly boyish yet cute face, and chocolate brown long hair usually tied back in a high pony tail.  She wears a faceless white mask with just eye holes and clothes with shades of black, grey, and white.  Over that she wears a white cloak with a rose pattern  at the hem, fading as it goes up the cloak.
  • Personality: Likes to act enigmatic and speak in riddles.  Acts friendly but doesn't let her guard down easily, which means that her close friends are limited.  She prefers letting others do the work for her, but is profecient in the spear if she needs to fight.
  • Future Occupation: Information broker/Merchant (Beater?)
  • Statistics:

All statistics are based on numbers 1-25.
Strength: The physical strength of a character 9
Constitution: Resilience of a character 1
Derexity: Agility of a character 7
Intelligence: Problem-solving ability 23
Charisma: Social skills 20
Willpower: Mental resistance 22
Perception: Openness to a surrounding; ability to see 25